My Conceptabout pics

My photographs offer a glimpse into a reality, the beauty of which we tend to overlook or often simply do not perceive. Focalising and capturing permanent or momentary details of nature, is my way of entering this reality and sharing these insights into nature. Rhythmic patterns and permanent structures inscribed into rock, as well as, spontaneous patterns of waves or landscapes drawn by wind, illustrate the ephemeral and the timeless nature of matter. These recurring rhythms and structures can be found in the small and in the big treasures of nature. Some simply make me feel awestruck, while others reflect my feelings on an abstract and symbolic level.

I wish to make my images available to purchase art lovers, art collectors and art dealers. Therefore, I have made different editions and limitations of the images seen on the website, which are available for purchase at different prices.

Editions of 250, 100 and 70 pieces are supposed to be easily affordable. Part of my work, though, is meant to be retained as rarity and collector’s items, which is linked to strict regulation of reproduction, like 5 o 3 pieces. These limitations do not only underline the artistic and the aesthetic value of my images, but also provide a modern and aesthetic means of investment for art lovers.

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